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Whether you are a smoker looking to quit by using an e-cigarette, or a health professional looking to introduce e-cigarettes into your community Stop Smoking Service, VapeSmokeFree will provide everything you need to know and support you step by step.

VapeSmokeFree is provided by the IBVTA, which is a collaborative organisation. We are not owned by any one individual company or group of companies. We are owned collectively by our members. All of our great members are free from any ownership or control by the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries.

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I want to be a vaper not a smoker

You are embarking on a journey to go ‘smokefree’. It might take you a day, it might take longer, but you can make the switch completely. We are not here to judge, we are here to help you on your way to becoming a vaper.

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I'm a smoking cessation professional

VapeSmokeFree is a comprehensive resource consisting of the evidence, case studies and information on support pathways which will empower your organisation to help the smokers you work with to make the switch to vaping.

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